Who we are

Who we are

Ralph J Kemp
416-434-2507 rjk@rpgi.ca


Ralph began as a real estate sales representative with a well respected brokerage selling commercial real estate primarily in the industrial areas north of Toronto. At the time, the a trend began to take shape and people were becoming interested in moving into the centre of Toronto. Recognizing this as an opportunity, Ralph joined a small, but very sophisticated brokerage office in downtown Toronto.

Some of these first projects included the identification of redevelopment sites in Toronto’s Rosedale, Annex and Yorkville areas. As well as finding sites and acting as a buyer’s agent for a select group of clients, it became necessary to form a property management company to administer the properties that were being held for re-development. Ralph quickly found himself managing over 500 units.

In 1985, he became interested in expanding his knowledge and started a luxury home building business, which quickly grew into a full land development company. The land development focused on water front resort and recreational properties in the southern Georgian Bay area. Rezoning work was started on two projects – the Victoria Harbour Yacht Club in Victoria Harbour and the Bay Port site in Midland. The Bay Port site was the larger of the two, with almost a mile of water front and an enormous grain elevator, which posed both a challenge and an opportunity. Ralph determined that the grain elevator should be demolished and the salvaged material be recycled into the construction of the break wall for the new Bay Port Marina.

The Bay Port Marina has become the largest fresh water marina in Canada and is considered by the industry as the best in Ontario.

In 1996, Ralph had the opportunity to redevelop property in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Initially, he was going to help a friend with some properties that were being converted to condominiums, with his role being to locate other properties for the same purpose. What started out as a six month project, turned into a decade of buying and redeveloping sites in the French Quarter and The Garden district of New Orleans.

Since 2006, Ralph has been back in Toronto identifying opportunities in the area he knows and loves, looking for prime sites for redevelopment. Ralph’s unique talent for identifying trends, extensive research, and experience in the industry has kept him involved in all aspects of the real estate business for over 34 years.